ERC721R: Bringing Greater Accountability to NFT Creators

ERC721R adds trustless refunds to NFT smart contracts allowing minters to return the NFTs minted at cost within a given refund period.




Prevents Rug Pulls

If you have 30 days to request a refund after mint this stops quick rug pulls where the artists don’t deliver as promised.



Greater Accountability

See the art the creators have promised and see how they handle the community during the refund period.



Protected Floor Prices

There’s no reason for a collector to sell below mint during the refund period as they can always request a refund.



Low Risk Purchase

If the buyer doesn’t like how the project is going they can return their NFTs and receive a refund.

Projects Offering Trustless Refunds

Exodia Analytics NFT analytics, portfolio tracker and alpha community View
CryptoFighters Alliance The return of the 2018 play-to-earn classic View
Your Project! We’ve gathered a list of people that have committed to minting ERC721R projects
Curious Addys’ Trading Club A game designed to make it fun and effortless to learn about NFTs and crypto. Think of it as Duolingo for crypto View
Podium A launchpad for content creators View

Supporting ERC721R Projects

We’ve gathered a group of collectors committed to backing the next 5 projects to launch with ERC721R. Due to the low risk nature of refundable mints and the accountability the team is willing to take on by adopting this standard we’re committed to auto minting projects with built in refunds.

We hope this encourages more creators to adopt the ERC721R standard and revolutionise the NFT space.

If you’d like to join this list you can do so here.


What happens when an NFT is returned?
Is it really trustless?
What about creators that need the funds in the smart contract for development?
How can I support projects using ERC721R standard?
Can’t someone just refund all the non rares they mint and keep all their rares?